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Eileen from Nevada - AIM participant since April 2006
Testimonial provided October 2006

Eileen's lifelong severe allergic reactions to seafood and most meats vanish after self-healing with the AIM Program.
Tags: Allergies; Allergies, food; Dietary issues; Food; Miracle; Miraculous;

I had experienced dietary issues most of my life, but from young adulthood, ingesting one succulent morsel of lobster resulted in a violent allergic reaction that took me days from which to recover.

Also, somewhere along the way, I became increasingly intolerant of beef, unable to digest it properly. After a while this became the case with eating most meat (except chicken, turkey and fish). Both of these conditions persisted throughout my life.

While undergoing an energetic evaluation, it was revealed to EMC² that a subtle-energy frequency of a hereditary imbalance in me was manifesting as a virus and was not in the database. Approximately 4 months later, when I had self-healed that imbalance, I found that the allergy and intolerance were also gone. I could eat anything I wanted with no discomfort or allergic reaction whatsoever!!

What a Blessing! My own private little (huge, actually) miracle! One of many miraculous events which I have experienced in my 5½ years as an AIM Program participant. My Life is so full and abundant. Each day is lived and savored in profound gratitude.

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