Investing In Your Well Being
AIM Program Annual Participant Fees
Individual = $1200.
    AIM Spouse = $960.
    AIM Child/Disability/Pet = $600
    AIM Property = $360
Family Plan = $2400 (up to 5 participants)

See below for more detail
Family Plan (12 months) :
The Family Plan allows up to 5 participants (adults (over 21), children, pets or buildings) to be on The AIM Program for 12 months for $2,400. "Family" refers to immediate family, relatives, significant others (SOs) and their families. If related by blood or marriage, they do not all have to live in the same household.

After the first 5 participants in the Family Plan, additional adults may be added for $600 each, and additional children or pets may be added for $480 each. Beyond a total of 9 family participants, a second family plan can be created. Buildings are $360.

The Family Plan must be paid in full at time of application – no monthly payments, no exceptions.

You may begin a family plan with at least 2 members. You have a maximum of 30 days from the start date to add additional members. All plan participants will have the same end date for their Family Plan, even if they have different start dates, so gather the members as quickly as possible.

Example: A couple with one child or pet could either use the Family Plan for $2,400, paid up front, for 12 months on AIM, or using the individual plans, pay $2,760 up front for 14 months on the program, or pay $276 a month for 10 months for a total of $2760 and get 12 months on AIM. The Family Plan is more cost effective. For more participants, the Family Plan is even more price-friendly.

Individual Plan (12 months if payments, 14 months if paid in full) :
An individual adult AIM Program, paid in advance, is $1,200 and includes two additional months for a total of 14 months.

If monthly payments are preferred, 12 months on AIM is available for $120/month for 10 months (no finance fees, must be paid by Master Card or Visa only, no cash or checks).

An individual may add a spouse or significant other (SO) for $960. A child or pet may be added for $600. With 3 or more participants, the Family Plan is the best option.

Special Discounts on Individual Plans:

A discount of 50% is offered to any adult on permanent disability (SSI) for at least 3 years. Official disability income verification must be submitted with the AIM application.

A discount of 50% is offered to anyone age 90 or above.

The spouse or SO of anyone using one of these discounts can still claim the spouse/SO discount of 20% off the full adult price.

A discount of 10% is offered to active and retired military, police and firefighters.

Renewing for the Continuing Benefits of AIM
Even though most energetic imbalances that may have existed within your matrix when you began The AIM Program are likely gone after your first year, we believe there are many benefits of continued AIM participation. You are an energetic being, immersed in a sea of energy. Like the ocean, this sea of energy has a food chain, and you are a part of that food chain. Some entities represent a source of sustenance to you. To other entities, you represent a source of sustenance to them. In the latter case, you are fed upon and may experience energetic imbalances. You may experience these energetic imbalances as physical, emotional, psychological, social or spiritual manifestations/sensations, or all of the above. These energetic imbalances, over time, can drain your Life Force. Continuing on AIM gives you the advantage of maintaining maximum usage of your Life Force.

Additionally, continuing your Program allows you to benefit from the ongoing EMC² research. Previously unknown energetic imbalances are occasionally revealed to EMC². If you have one or more of these imbalances, on AIM you immediately begin the process of energetic detox, as soon as the corresponding balancing frequency is on the trays.

Another factor to consider is that new imbalances are introduced into the energetic environment all the time. As EMC² becomes aware of them, the balancing frequencies for them are also added to the trays. EMC² believes that many of these imbalances cannot be overcome without Energetic Balancing. In other words, EMC² believes some energetic imbalances to be non-self –limiting. Doctors use the terms 'self-limiting' to refer to diseases which an individual can overcome on his or her own and 'non-self-limiting' to refer to diseases which an individual cannot overcome on his or her own. We believe that this concept applies also to energetic imbalances. On AIM you have maximum use of your Life Force to heal yourself of all imbalances.

Consider also, there are many enhancing frequencies provided on The AIM Program. These frequencies help participants achieve levels of consciousness and energetic efficiency that most people simply cannot achieve unless they are receiving the balancing energies provided by AIM.

It is important to remember that while hereditary imbalances do not return, once cleared, you are always clearing imbalances acquired just by being alive in the environment in which we live. Participants who continue their AIM Programs continue this ongoing detoxing and balancing process. They often report increased well being, greater consciousness expansion, and even greater results from the enhancing frequencies, as a way of life. Many participants also say they feel "safer" knowing the enhancing and balancing frequencies are available to them 24/7.

This quote from Page 195 in Sanctuary provides additional incentive for many to continue with AIM:

"Energetic imbalances impede the flow and expression of life force. For each of us, fighting our imbalances is an ongoing drain of life-force energy. The normal pattern is that we use up our energy in this battle. Then, when we are older and weaker and we no longer have the energetic strength to repress the expression of our hereditary imbalances, they become active imbalances and express themselves to their fullest potential."

"I believe that this shift of hereditary imbalances to an active status is one of the biggest causes of aging, and the loss of life force that we experience as a result of fighting those imbalances at the hereditary level speeds up the process of aging and brings us more quickly to the day of reckoning when we lose the battle against those imbalances."

To maintain your optimum immune defense, well-being and consciousness, continuing on AIM is recommended

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