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Travis from Texas - AIM participant since February 2009
Testimonial provided June 2017

Laura describes how her son Travis's anxiety and autism has improved on the AIM Program.
Tags: Anxiety; Autism;

My son Travis has now been on AIM for almost 8 years. He is currently doing well and has adjusted to 4th grade. He had a lot of anxiety about the beginning of school -- the most I've seen him display since starting kindergarten -- which persisted for the first week. Even after knowing what was going to happen, he complained of feeling too nervous/sick to go and wanted to stay home. But by the second week he acclimated and has done fine ever since. He has been doing neurofeedback for the anxiety (which started a few weeks before school) and that seems to be helping.

He is also coping well with the uncertainty around the divorce of myself and my husband. He knows he will go to a new school next year, but not where or when we are moving. We are still living all together and he seems comfortable about what will happen (although Iím sure the reality may be different than what he's imagining!)

He's also started soccer this fall -- with all neurotypical kids -- and seems to be doing fine and actually having fun! He was lucky in that he has 2 friends from his class on his team and that seems to have made it a easy transition. He also just went camping for the first time with myself and the cub scouts for the weekend. That was a bit more traumatic -- both nights he cried and wanted to come home for various reasons -- but overall he ended up having fun and says he wants to go again. I'm very encouraged that he is finally on a trajectory upwards again!

As always, I'm grateful for your help and support. Thank you!

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