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David from Colorado - AIM participant since May 2006
Testimonial provided June 2013

David's mother describes how he has improved his symptoms from Down Syndrome since being on AIM.
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During the last six months, my adult son, David, has undergone major intellectual changes, positive emotional changes and is consciously practicing self-control. As a result, he is now living what he has spent a lifetime learning. This change has profoundly affected him in all ways. It's as though he is waking up! I believe that awakening is because he is on the AIM Program.

David communicates now! He has always talked, but now he listens too. He listens so well that now he can experience those special moments of laughter that only come in conversation. His frustrations have turned into being genuinely happy! When something does not go his way, he quickly adjusts by changing his mind about what he wants to do next, or begins problem solving or negotiating. He feels pride when he takes on more responsibility and independently does things he has never done before. He expresses his awareness of both right and wrong, and he consciously chooses "right action".

All drama is gone from our life because all this new behavior is consistent. Consequently, he has more freedom as he plans his day. He now understands why there are rules and he follows them. As his confidence grows, he becomes more at peace with himself.

I believe that without the AIM Program, I may never have known my adult son as a man. It is an honor to listen when he really has something he wants to say; at those times, David is profoundly brilliant. Thank you for providing a way for my son to gain a conscious sense of himself in this world.

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