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Alexander from California - AIM participant since March 2006
Testimonial provided April 2007

Xander is now 15 months old and, despite having Down syndrome, he continues to improve in all areas of growth and development.
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Xander is now 15 months old and, despite having Down syndrome, he continues to improve in all areas of growth and development, faster in some areas than others. He surprises us every day with something new.

He has achieved his goals for the past 6 months with his physical therapist. In her weekly visits, she has been focusing on preparing him to stand and crawl. We thought that he'd have been sitting up sooner but he just started to this past month. He also started to belly crawl (what I call "commando crawl"). We're working on building up strength in both arms to support himself on 3 limbs to begin the crawling stage (up on all fours) but he has a ways to go with that. He's also been starting to be able to put pressure on his legs to stand.

He continues to eat food with more texture. He is more tolerant of different foods. He is no longer eating jarred food but I have bought a food grinder. He has started training to drink from a cup and sip from a straw.

He has begun to communicate more in different ways. He is more aware of things around him and displays likes and dislikes vocally. He's quite a loud fellow. He loves to interact with his brother and sister. He's starting to experiment making different noises, and he's starting to form his first syllables, "ba ba ba".

We are very pleased with Xander's health. His check ups continue to go well, and he only has an occasional cold. He went to the ophthalmologist and his eyes are OK but he is beginning to cross his eyes. Fortunately, one eye is not more lazy than the other; they both are still trying to function together. We'll have to wait it out. We are going in to the pediatric cardiologist next week to see if the holes in his heart have completely closed up.

We believe that having Xander on The AIM Program has continued to make a big difference in his development. His teacher and his physical therapist continue to make comments that he is making excellent progress. We see how his twin brother has been developing and Xander is not all that far behind him. Thank you for allowing him to be in your program.

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