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David from - AIM participant since January 2005
Testimonial provided December 2014

David describes how he used AIM to shift the negative energy surrounding a home he was managing for lease.
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I have been on the AIM Program since 2004 after reading the book Sanctuary.

I did a lot of research on AIM before I joined. I have to admit that at first I didnít understand it. But as I got to understand more about energy it became all to clear that this would be a good "insurance" of life force.

One of the biggest ah-ha moments of using AIM came when I was in a real estate transaction. The tenant of a property I was managing personally attacked me verbally. It was one of the most horrible experiences I have had in 25 years of real estate. This guy was belligerent and threatening. This was a million dollar property and at jeopardy was a lease renewal or sale to the tenant. This property was a special use property which meant there wasn't many tenants that would fit this property. In fact at the time there were none. The owners were anxious about a renewal and didn't want to risk losing the tenant. The tenant wanted the owners to sell at Ĺ the value. After putting the property on AIM the whole tenor of the communications between the tenant and me changed. The tenant stayed on for 6 more years on a month-to-month lease!!! Something we never expected. When they finally moved 6 years later, we immediately found another tenant that fit the building perfectly. My wife and I are convinced it was this shift in energy that changed the outcome.

I look at the AIM Program as an insurance tool. We notice that life force in us is very very high compared to where we used to be. Its very very seldom that we get sick or have an injury. When we do we have always felt that our energetic balance helps us to "auto correct" right away.

The more I learned about energy and the more I use energy I find it fascinating how easy it is to be clear and on purpose.

When I explain it to others I ask "Have you ever asked for prayer for you or your family? Have you ever asked a group to pray for you?" If they answer Yes, I ask "Prayer is energy right? This is another form that is 'ON' all the time sending you frequencies to stay well and balanced."


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