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Angela from Florida - AIM participant since November 2003
Testimonial provided March 2019

Health professionals find that AIM helps every aspect of their personal and professional lives.
Tags: Animals; Arthritis; Blood pressure; Business; Cancer; Cardia dysrhytmia, CHF; Congestive heart failure; Heart problems; Paralysis; Rheumatoid arthritis;

Personally, I was on blood pressure medication and medications for cardiac dysrhythmia. Since being on the AIM program, I am no longer on these medications and have no further cardiac dysrhythmia. I also was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis but no longer have this disease or diagnosis since being on the AIM program. My husband has a history of cancer. He went into remission while on the AIM program. And his heart problems are resolved too.

Since being on the AIM Program, my late mother who was also on the program was given 6 months to live after suffering a major stroke and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). The stroke left her paralyzed and in a wheel chair. She regained some speech, the ability to walk with a walker and her CHF stabilized and actually improved. She lived a productive life for 11 1/2 more years and brushed our dog "Baby" every day. She died peacefully at home at the age of 91. And side note: The Medical Examiner doubted her age. He asked us if her DOB was right because she did not look 91.

The AIM Program also works for animals. Our dog, a 90 pound Australian Shepard also survived cancer and lived a very happy and active life until the old age of 16.

The AIM Program works for businesses too. We put our health care clinic on AIM and despite many economic and health care changes, our clinic has been prosperous and has grown in size. We now own 2 more buildings since being on the program. We are celebrating our 20th year at our clinic!

We recommend the AIM Program for everyone, people, pets and businesses included. It has worked miracles for our family and business. Our business has also not suffered from all of the natural disasters that have come through North Florida which has been amazing and we would not go without the AIM Program EVER!

Angela and Family

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