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Janna from Texas - AIM participant since January 2002
Testimonial provided July 2009

After a family goes on the AIM trays, they add their house to their Family Plan. They report that to their amazement their barely-surviving houseplants started to thrive and a chronic ant problem goes away!
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I would like to share a little bit of a different story regarding my experiences with The AIM Program. I certainly have felt many health benefits from self-healing, but a lot of people need to see with their eyes to believe something. That is why I think the following situations are important to share.

I lived in the countryside for 6 years. I was there for three years prior to beginning The AIM Program. When I moved to the countryside I brought with me an ivy plant that my son had given me for Mother's Day. Now, anyone who knows me realizes not to give me anything green, as it never lasts. Since this came from my baby, I tried extra hard to keep it going. By some miracle it actually survived on from year to year. It never got any bigger, and occasionally would look like it was gone, but it held on.

Also, each year we had an abundance of both black and red ants. Not only were they all over the yard, but they would just about take over the house. It was awful. In almost every single room I would constantly be fighting them. I was putting out boric acid and using orange oil to fight these pests. They would trail down from the ceiling, come in the doors, etc. It was truly a big job just trying to keep them out. Each year when it got colder, they would go away. But, they never failed to appear when the warm weather came around. My Aunt and Uncle who lived nearby also had a huge problem with the ants coming in their home.

Then one year I signed myself and my three children up for The AIM Program. I noticed changes within the first 6 months in all of us. We would sometimes be clearing the exact same things as we would have the same symptoms, etc. I started around March on The AIM Program, and by May of that year the ants had started to appear. And once again, I spent the summer trying to get rid of them. My little ivy was still the same.

That winter I was talking to my Mother who mentioned that someone had put their business on The AIM Program. Since I had a family plan and was only using four spaces I actually had an extra place to put my home. I decided to do that. Within 2 months I noticed the ivy in my kitchen that had hung on for the last couple of years, start to thrive. When I say thrive, I mean it was growing so much that within that first year I kept having to cut it back. It was like someone was watering it, and had repotted it (wasn't me!). This continued on the rest of the time I lived in the countryside. I was completely amazed. The only thing different was The AIM Program. This tiny ivy was now growing all over my kitchen. It was a very bright green and really healthy!

Now, back to the ants. That summer I was once again preparing to combat the ants. I had my boric acid and orange oil in good supply. The only thing is, the ants never appeared. Not one time, and in not one place in my entire home did an ant appear. I was stunned. I couldn't imagine what in the world was going on. I talked to my Aunt and Uncle and they were still having problems with the ants. Again, the only thing I'd done different was put my home on The AIM Program. It was truly a seeing is believing experience for us all!

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