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Laura Morgan from - AIM participant since February 2002

Laura Morgan talks about how she healed herself of high blood pressure while on The AIM Program.
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"I don’t know why I was so resistant to The AIM Program and why I needed such proof because I believe in electricity, I don’t understand how it works. I believe in gravity, I don’t understand how it works. I believe in prayer and I don’t understand how it works. I still don’t understand how The AIM Program works…but I know that it works. When I was 37 years old, I went to the Doctor and was diagnosed with hypertension, or high blood pressure, which I thought was unusual for a 37-year-old woman, who seemed to be in relatively great health…to be diagnosed with this, but I had a family history. My father had a major stroke at age 57, so I believed that there was a genetic predisposition for me to have high blood pressure. So, I started taking high blood pressure medication. I went on The AIM Program and shortly after being on the program, I decided I really didn’t want to be putting any more pharmaceutical pills into my body. So, under my Doctor’s supervision, I chose to get off of my high blood pressure medication. And I don’t understand how this works, but I can tell you now that I have perfect blood pressure 120 over 80. Regardless of what day or time of day that I go in and take it, I am 120 over 80 every single time and have been for the last three years."

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