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Application and Renewal Forms
Simply download whatever form(s) you need below and open in a pdf-reading/editing program (such as Adobe Reader, pdf-XChange Editor [both are free] or other similar programs). You can type all the required information directly in the forms, including initials and signatures, then save the file and attach to an email to me. (

Please contact me to review forms before submission, especially initial applications and initial Family Plan forms. Any omissions on any form can hold up processing, including of an entire Family Plan so it is to your advantage to let me review them first.

Please refer to the "Application Completion & Process" link (above and as a printable document below) for step-by-step instructions on how to complete applications for yourself or for children, pets or property and for proper completion when a Family Plan is being created. Each participant must have an application and photo on file in order to begin on AIM.

While full applications are required for every first time applicant, renewing a program is a simple one-page process. For an individual, there is a one-page Renewal form; for a Family Plan, the one-page Family Plan form is used. This is the case regardless of how long a previous applicant or Family Plan may have been off AIM.

*To open the forms below you
   will need the latest free version
   of Abobe Acrobat Reader

   or another free alternative like
   pdf-XChange Editor

Energetic Balancing Application Form
(one needed for each applicant)
Request For Energetic Balancing
Family Plan

(one needed for each family plan)
AIM Renewal Form
(If renewing a Family Plan, only a Family Plan form needs to be completed. Renewal Form is only for individual programs.)
Application Completion & Process
(Web page with instructions for completing forms and overview of applicant processing by EMC²)

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